Distinguishing Between An L1, L2 And L3 Electrician In Sydney

It is always appropriate to ensure that you get the right person for the kind of work that you want doing. Electricians are trained in different areas which then become their areas of specialization. In Australia, they are categorized into level 1, 2 or 3 electricians. Each of them is accredited to provide services in different areas of specialization and it is important for you to distinguish between them so that you know when to look for the different electricians.

L1 Electrician

A Level 1 electrician is one who works for the Authorities. This work revolves around the power distribution systems which carry either high or low voltage. It includes both the underground and the overhead work. Since it is basically the public power supply of electricity, you will mostly find the L1 electrician involved in power installation for areas that are for the general public such as the streets.

L2 Electrician

On the other hand, the L2 electrician Sydney is concerned with the power installation from the Supply Authorities to both commercial and residential premises. They are trained to connect you to the power grid. They can, therefore, do all the wiring and cabling required as well as the meter installation so that your home or your commercial building has the required power supply. That includes all the underground work and the overhead lines too. They can also install the meters required to measure the amount of energy that you consume.

Another important task that an L2 electrician in Sydney can do is to upgrade or downgrade your power system. For example, if you are a business person, your premises need to have an efficient power system, specifically the 3 phase power system. In the event that you have acquired the premises and it has the single phase system, you can upgrade it to the 3 phase power system. This can be done by the L2 electrician. Sydney has several accredited electricians who can effectively do this for you.

Another situation is the downgrading of a power system which can be done by the L2 electrician. Sydney has many buildings which have the 3 phase power system. If you want to change it to the single phase system and make it a residential area, then the L2 electrician can effectively do it for you.

L3 Electrician

This electrician is mostly concerned with the designing of power systems for clients. This may include the designs required for the relocation of power lines. It can also involve the designs that may be needed when an upgrade needs to be done. The design services are also important when a new building needs to be constructed. You will not be allowed to start the construction of your new building if you do not have the design which can only be given by an L3 certified Authorized Service Provider.

Out of the three categories of electricians, the highest demand is for the services of the L2 electrician. Sydney has many such electricians and this gives you the advantage of choice. You can choose the one who offers you the best prices and excellent services.