The Best Way To Choose A Good Toilet

It is not sufficient to consider the layout and the cost only when selecting a new toilet. It’s also important to pay attention to some other critical characteristics:

Wall-Hung-Toilets-800x435Making Stuff. The current toilets usually are not made of faience just, but also of porcelain. Top quality porcelain things are much more permanent, hence if management with care, they’d be in use for fifty years. Besides that plastic, glass and natural stone models are available out there.

Height. Trick! If the muscles of your abdomen, waist, pelvis and legs will be the most loosened, then that version suits you.

Construction. The toilets might be floor-standing, hung and floor mounted toilets with a tank that is concealed. The specialists recommend purchasing suspended models to fit in small spaces.

Flush Tank. The selection of the flush tank depends on the favorite model: floor standing or suspended. The professionals recommend paying attention to the fact that the toilet as well as the flush tank must be tightly fitted to each other and prepared for connection.

Bowl. By their building the toilet bowls might be dish shaped, visor-shaped and funnel-shaped. The dished shape (with a platform interior) acts as ‘dash’. Today the visor-shaped bowl is the most used construction: when flushing it’s a small stage turning into a funnel and prevents splashes of water.

Types Of Flushing Systems: Inverse and direct. As completely a whole bowl is washed by the water the inverse flushing is safer and much more qualitative.


Types of water drain system. Both buttons system, allowing saving on water, is typically the most popular.

Water discharge into sewer. There are there are only three manners: horizontal, vertical and sloping. The final way is more typical for European models of the toilets. The sloping discharge is supplied with a conduit angled down -45 degrees.

Please remember, that when choosing a toilet in an internet store, as generally accessories can be purchased individually, you are to pay attention to its detailed description. The buyers can buy and also it is very convenient necessary thing be it a cover, a tank or an installation system. If that’s the case a model could be called as ‘toilet bowl’ and you would also need to purchase individually a cover and also a tank. All these in a set are called ‘compact’.

When purchasing a toilet please make sure the model has all necessary repair systems. And the last tip: do not trust the installation of your new toilet to random guys. It’s best to entrust that job to professionals.